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Most buyers are not real estate professionals, so they start their search the wrong way. Laziness and lack of experience only lead to digging into the “garbage” databases of advertising portals. Moreover, many buyers do not even understand the difference between an advertising portal and a data aggregator

I present the procedure for such a situation.

Step 1: Turn off the computer and leave the house

Decide on the location. Buyers are divided into two groups: some are sure that they know the location perfectly and they can not study anything at all, others are ready to rush around the city.

You need to see the area as a whole, and not 100 meters around the house you are buying (Photo from Sergey Smirnov's photo bank)

Believe me, both the first and the second group behave illiterately. Knowing the location and knowing where a clinic or store is located in the area are not the same thing in terms of buying real estate. You need to study the quality of the houses, the condition of the entrances and the composition of the residents. So turn off your computer, get dressed and go for a walk. The task is simple - to get to a specific area and study everything in detail.


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