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1. The head of a school will not offer a position to a teacher of another independent school without first notifying the principal of that school.

2. A head will not seek to induce a teacher who has signed a contract for the ensuing school year to break this contract.

3. The head of a school will not seek to enroll a pupil who has enrolled in another school. School heads will inform their representatives of this policy.

4. The head of school will not accept a new pupil transferred by parents from another school without first consulting the head of the previous school to discuss cause of leaving, character of pupil, and discharge of financial obligations to the previous school.


5. Heads of schools, while recognizing the necessity of giving financial aid to some students, will not permit such offers of assistance to be used as a basis of bargaining. School heads will notify their Directors of Admissions of this policy.


6. Correspondence between heads about pupils and parents, or concerning teachers, is absolutely confidential.

Code of ethics

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