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Members of the Heads Network will be able to enjoy the benefits of a community that champions women's leadership in education. By holding seminars, hosting leaders and learners alike at our annual conference and by offering myriad resources to our members, we seek to impact the state of education as we know it and inspire women in leadership roles.


Membership is affordable and invaluable. Submit an application below and join us.

New Member

School Process 

We are so pleased you are interested in membership in The Heads Network. Our mission of supporting girls education and promoting women in leadership in our independent schools is important for all students. Through the two Women's Leadership Seminars per year and an Annual Conference, this association is vibrant and pertinent to our work as independent schools.

The Process for Membership is as follows:

1. Fill out the appropriate application below and attach your school's mission.


2. The Heads Network Executive Director will then submit your application to the Board of Trustees for their endorsement.

3. New school member will then submit their annual dues fee of $595.

Again, we are so very pleased to have your school apply for membership and look forward to welcoming you and working with you in support of our mission and on behalf of the students in our schools.


Please feel free to contact me at or 615-533-6022 for any questions or assistance you may need. 

We look forward to your completion of the process and welcoming you to membership soon!

Continue to the

application forms below.

Membership Criteria 

- Each member school is represented by the Head of School and one additional designee.


- Schools applying for membership in The Heads Network should be members of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Canadian Independent Accredited Schools Association or be currently accredited by one of the member NAIS accrediting bodies or by one of the six federally recognized school/college accrediting bodies.


- The annual membership is $595 for 0220-2021.

As a member,

you will...

...have opportunities to examine innovative and thought provoking topics and speakers at the annual conference.

...enjoy a safe space for processing difficult situations, regaining confidence and reflection. Heads of School and mentorship for aspiring Heads of School.

...promote women’s and girl's leadership in our schools.

...expand your aspirations about leadership and school design. able to exchange ideas with similarly minded male and female leaders.

...have access to employment opportunities at schools across the country. 

The Heads Network by the numbers:

181  Member Schools

 44   Lifetime Affiliate Members

 14   Honorary Members

239  Members



The school holds membership of the Heads Network. The head or chief executive officer of any eligible independent school in the United States, its territories, or Canada, is the principal member as the representative from that school. Principal members are expected to attend at least one Annual Conference every three years.

affiliate membership

Any former principal member who no longer is head of a member school, or who becomes an employee of a school not eligible for membership, may become an affiliate member. Affiliate members shall receive all notices but shall not vote or hold an elective office. Only a principal member shall be eligible for affiliate membership upon leaving his/her school. Former principal members who change positions to head non-member schools eligible for Heads Network membership may become affiliate members, but must bring their new school into membership within two years.

"There is a shortage of great leaders within independent schools. There is no way that our school can fill the leadership voids unless we cultivate women as potential leaders."

                                               ~ Autumn Graves

                                                                       Girls Preparatory School

                                                          Chattanooga, TN

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