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The Heads Network recommits itself to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. We support the Black Lives Matter movement and pledge our efforts to work actively to dismantle systemic racism and injustice.  The Heads Network will vigorously continue to advocate for women of color who aspire to the highest levels of leadership within independent schools.  


Our past and present as an organization compel us to engage our voices and define our actions in service of creating a future where justice and equality are fully realized for all.  As an ally to women in independent schools, The Heads Network is an organization committed to supporting the leadership of all women in independent schools; particularly Black women and all women of color who are underrepresented.  We possess the knowledge, ability and resources to ensure that independent schools are places of opportunity for all.  The Heads Network is uniquely positioned to make meaningful change within independent schools and our commitment is unwavering.


The Heads Network recently celebrated the 100th anniversary since its founding. We are prepared and ready to work with our colleagues in school leadership, members of Boards of Trustees and search firms to realize a fair and equitable system for all. By so doing, our students will be the beneficiaries of a more just society. The Heads Network pledges to do better, work harder, and engage in the essential and difficult work of dismantling systemic racism.

Travis Brownley                                  Ann Klotz

Jennifer Ciccarelli                               Jill Muti

Alex Curtis                                           Ereni Malfa

Penny Evins                                         Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise

Darryl Ford                                          Anthony Sgro

Landis Green                                       Mark Stanek

Joan Hill                                               Kim Wargo

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