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2022-2023 Webinar: Working with Today's Parents with Dr. Michael Thompson    

A post pandemic blueprint....this article lays out the pieces of this new pardigm of education.

This blog by Ian Symmonds lays out the blueprint of post pandemic education in a very succinct manner...excellent food for thought and study.

Enjoy quick, thoughtful articles by school leaders... a must read!

This blog is one for all school leaders....hear from your colleagues on pertinent and important topics of headships--its joys and challenges. Each month articles are added. 

Keeping it Simple in a Time of Crisis

Rob Evans and Michael Thompson give sage advice on leadership in a time of crisis...a must read.

Why Women are more Effective Leaders..

Women have attributes that make them ideally equipped for leading in a time of crisis and change.

Reinventing Private Schools-A Blueprint for Resilience

This 10 minute Spotify presentation by Ian Symmonds is such good "food for thought" as school leaders plan for a post COVID school and world.

Stress and Pressure...Needed Understandings for Healthy Leadership

Learning the difference between pressure and stress and how to keep stress to the minimum is key to healthy leadership. This quick article is a great understandings and steps to take...

Harvard Business Review: Interview of 57 Female CEOs

Read this synopsis completed by Harvard Business Review of 57 Female CEOs and how they get to the top...

Get Smart: Girls May See Boys as Smarter By Age Six

Megyn Kelly sits down with researchers, children and their parents for an inside look at a groundbreaking study shedding light on gender bias and how it affects children’s views on themselves and others.

Women in Leadership: The Now, The Numbers, The Need

According to the Center for American Progress….WOMEN:

Are 50.8% of the US population

Account for 47% of the US Labor force

Account for 49% of college-educated workforce

Earn 48% of all medical degrees

Earn 60% of all master’s degrees

Earn almost 60% of undergraduate degrees…

People of Color and White Women in Headship

In 2009, the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) published The State of Independent School Leadership. The study revealed that 31 percent of heads were female and 5 percent were people of color (male and female). Seven years have gone by and those numbers have not changed much.

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