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2024 Annual

Be You, Lead Well:
Authentic Leadership in Independent Schoo

February 25-27
Rancho Bernardo Inn
San Diego, CA


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By Leaders, for leaders


If any one event epitomizes the mission of The Heads Network, it's the Annual Conference. 


Active collaboration and professional growth… Advancing women’s leadership… Professional networking for all member schools... Mentoring seminars for aspiring women leaders…


At a glance, these key phrases from our mission quickly show the synergy between our organizational purpose and the Annual Conference. 


The Annual Conference offers a forum for discussing innovation, trends, and peer reflection in a collegial atmosphere of diversity and intimacy.  With a thought provoking array of speakers featured each year, the membership is continually challenged by leaders to remain engaged in all aspects of life. Recent years have featured insightful perspectives on education, women’s leadership development and training, innovation, institutional effectiveness, organizational change, information technology, entrepreneurship, and nutrition.


The Annual Conference is a "not to be missed" event–one in which attendees are energized, friendships formed, and connections made between colleagues and schools. We hope it will be placed prominently on each head's yearly calendar!

"Without women at the table, contributing to and leading the discussion, the quality of education for all students–girls and boys–will simply be compromised."

~ Landis Green  

Wildwood School 

Los Angeles, CA       

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