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Leadership as a Practice

Why does leadership feel different these days? Although our world is certainly more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous in many ways, leadership, at the core, continues to require deep self-knowledge, the ability to empathize and deftly manage interpersonal relationships and group dynamics and the skill of making and recovering from complex and difficult decisions. Like many other professions, leadership in schools and organizations is a practice - a set of habits, rituals, and conscious ways of being. Understanding the various aspects of your professional practice are critical to bringing more authenticity, resilience and joy to the work and more importantly, can help you stay grounded when ambiguity and uncertainty are predominant forces. 


Over the course of three sessions, we will explore and deconstruct those elements of leadership that are currently a part of your personal practice as a leader and use our time to evaluate and imagine the possibilities of where we might like to see our practice evolve. We will explore in depth how every leader can cultivate daily habits and ways of being that can pave the way for joy, creativity, and resilience. Attendees will leave inspired, equipped with actionable insights to harness the energy of personal practice in their journey towards a more fulfilling and creative personal and professional life.

About L+D

Leadership+Design is a collective of educators and experience designers who believe that the future of leadership is more human, creative, and joyful. Leadership+Design partners with school leaders on designing the future of teaching and learning and works with schools on messy and ambiguous projects, including creating strategy, clarifying identity, redesigning programs, and building teams and culture.

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